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60 Minute Coaching Session

Your world, what you are going through now is so because you are processing it that way.
Your thoughts, habits, and emotions build a filter by which you see “reality”.
Now, if you do not like the reality you see, you have to change the filter.

And that filter has had many years, a lifetime actually, to build up your rights and wrongs, fears and dislikes.
And you believe that these “feelings” are authentic to who you are.
They are not…
If they were, you would not feel the need to change, to do something different, to heal yourself.
You want to change because you feel that something is wrong with the way you are. The way you are is not the way you want to be.
And so it is..
Now what do I have for you?
Truth serum.
And the actionable steps to help you rebuild and empower yourself in order to BECOME who you WANT to be.

It takes action to transform. Men understand this but us ladies want a gentler approach to transforming our lives.

So here it is, a no nonsense approach to getting you to the next phase of your personal growth.

I will walk you through 3 levels of transformation Which include:

Healthier( weight loss, loving exercise, balancing hormones)

Social Currency( how to be more confident, how to read people, and dominate your surrounding so you’re always the woman of intrigue and mystery)

Self Aware– We will uncover ALL of your magic, every talent and skill set you have and didn’t know you had, and put them to work to increase your money, creativity, self confidence, and your love life.

I will take you through exercises that will train you to master your thoughts,

desensitize yourself from criticism, shame and guilt,.

You won’t be afraid of rejection or be a sexual pawn for predator and help you to embrace your gifts.

Part 1) Health and Wellness

If you want a sharp mind and clear perception,

then your health is extremely importance because what you eat and how you care for yourself on a daily basis affects you mentally,

and bad habits can often be the cause of depression, lack of enthusiasm, and premature aging.

Part 2)

Organization and Structure

This is the ritual creation part of the program, Everything you are is a result of what you habitually do.

Ritualize your day to complete your important tasks.

You will learn how to create ceremony around everything you do.

This week is important because you will learn the power of intention and words,

and exactly how you “cross’ yourself up with destructive words on a daily basis.

Successful people are ritualized in every way. It’s time for you to do the spell work.

Part 3)

This Week you will learn desensitization.

We as women are emotional beings and I am certainly not going to tell you not to be emotional,

what I am going to show is how your emotions are wasted.

Emotional waste cause mental and psychological drain,

it dulls your perception of reality and makes you emotionally vulnerable to people who’s intent is solid.

You will learn not to care what people think so that you and strengthen your self esteem.


The Art of Seduction

Now this course has nothing to do with soft talk and wearing form fitting clothing.

Seduction when it’s mastered is purely mental”

I am going to teach you how to listen and observe so you know the right things to say at all times.

How to find out the truth in the lies people tell,

how to give him what he wants so he can give you what you want.

Its’s really about how to torture and tease and be the symbol of what that other person wants..

After you have mastered all of these, you will be an elite woman,

owning your life for the first time, you will become more relaxed from within,

self assured and in expectation of whatever you want.

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This is the Queen Bee Salkis Re and everything I paint, write, or say is for healing of your heart and mind.

The passion I have for simplistic application and results driven consulting is the life blood of my mission and purpose for you.

In your 60 minute session with me, I will help you break the spell of lies,

self sabotage and the old scripts you’ve been telling yourself for years.

The time for you to change is now.

That is why you are here.

You don’t need anymore handle holding, you need me to give you that hammer to smash the wall that’s blocking your heart

so you can start living the life you want forever!

My approach is relaxed, confidential and completely logical to understand and implement.

Come get your hammer and let’s get the breakthrough! 🙂

~Salkis Re

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