Life Coaching Services

African American art
                                                                            “Life Coach”
                                                                              ~Salkis Re


Hey girl! I see you are here cause you are looking for a change, right!

A little nervous?

Not sure if this is right for you?

Maybe you’ve never been coached by someone besides your mother before.

I get it.

And I want you to know that I understand.

But let me nudge you a little if I may.

I want to remind you how short life is, and how much time is wasted when

you don’t have the proper guidance to help you solve you self esteem or relationship issues.

Oooh, that thing called time, you can negotiate with it, you can’t buy it back no matter how hard your ass begs.

So what am I offering you here?

I am offering tried and proven methods to get yourself in order, physically, spiritually,

and emotionally so that you are in a BOSS LADY SEAT

I don’t care if you are a house wife, single mom, or even a corporate tycoon

because I know you will find tremendous value in the one on one coaching services I provide.


So what the Black Hat Theme about Salkis?

Well, the Black Hat is symbolic of hidden knowledge and wisdom. It lends a air of mystery, peace, conviction and intellect.

The analogy of the black hat is simply this: intense TRUTH and deliberate

TRANSFORMATION with knowledge of spiritual and physical matters respectively.


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