How To Love You!

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Self Love is a Relationship With Your Body

Sitting at my desk with my yoga gear on, all prepped for my

home yin yoga session and I’m thinking about why I am doing this.

I workout, eat right and stay of  trouble because that is the way I express love for myself.

I have come to realise that there is no separation in anything we feel, experience or suffer from..

What you put in your mouth will affect your bank account as well as your liver!

What you say out your mouth will make you feel guilty or make others feel threatened.

What you do today will affect the results you experience a year from now, even 10 year from now.

Nothing you do is a stand alone event.

You are constantly creating “Webs”, as you weave one consequence

or result into another with every decision you make.

This is the key to understanding why our lives are as they are.

Start with your body.

African American Art
“Do I Have Too?” Original Art by Salkis Re

Master your relationship with your body.

Listen to it’s arguments against some of your food choices.

Stretch your muscles when you are feeling like you are constricted.

Communicate with your physical heart, your liver, your kidneys.

Thank your cells for defending you against what should be in your body.

Think of nurturing in all that you do.

Why Should You Heed My Advice?

Because I’m CRAZY, a nonconformist,

AND an introvert who had to bind her insecurities

and throw that bitch in the closet so

I could pound the pavement and be found by good women like you!

“Your Self Esteem Coach”
~Salkis Re

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