How Not to Influence People

How NOT To Influence People

You Cannot Influence ANYONE

if you do it from a position powerlessness.

This is why I do not engage in conversations about

why black men don’t like dark skin girls or whether “Light Skin Privilege

( fair skin women enjoy real relationships and happy lives)

is an actual thing for us to worry about, or even why

black men are going to white women or traveling

outside the U.S. to find exotic women to marry…

black and white painting

What other woman experience is NOT a measure of what you can’t get or what you will experience yourself!

The only way you could have similar resultsis if you mirror how that other woman thinks, And I’m not interested (nor should you be) in believing that YOU cannot have what YOU DESERVE TO HAVE!

Why are you parroting off talking points from anyone who tells you that you don’t have a chance in hell to get what you want?

Do You value freedom?

Don’t you want to feel free??

Well what is freedom?

FREEDOM Doing what you want

when you want

with who you want!

African American Art
Artist/Life Coach
~Salkis RE

Freedom To Me Means HAVING A CHOICE!

And your first step to being able to choose what you want, is to OWN WHAT YOU WANT!

Meaning, don’t ever again feel ashamed for wanting something

whether that be a millionaire husband, having a lots of your own money,

having a child, being attractive, or living your life purpose!

African American Art
Art by Salkis Re Click the Image

You Can’t Get to Freedom by thinking that Life is Journey***

Only poor, undisciplined, insecure people talk that nonsense about a journey!

You have to live on purpose just like you did when you went to

school everyday to get your degree, or go to the gym workout..

You do things to get a forking RESULT, not for a journey!!

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~Salkis Re

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