How Not To Care What People Think

I thought about this today. How can a person just stop caring what people think? I believe the best way to do this is to understand that unsolicited criticism, and vitriolic banter only come of discontented people. It comes from people who are outwardly projecting their murky of their hearts onto others to infect them with their distain.

You Think that the people who criticize you are better than you

You are under some impression that criticism is coming from someone/s better than you, but guess what, people who are better than you don’t offer “critiques” for free. They just don’t have the time to care that much!

To be unbothered by opinions of haters is about making your self esteem as high as the sky.

So what’s the way to build up your self esteem?

Yeah! That’s it!
Integrity means that when you don’t have to do a thing, you still do it anyway. It means that you keep the promises you’ve made to yourself.
It means you have follow through and something isn’t right for you, then you smash it to smithereens!

It means that arrest this thought that everyone around you is focused on you because people are more worried about you focusing on them.

And finally, you need to kill your proclivity to conform. You don’t have to be like anyone else, and why would you want to be like people who do not like you to begin with.

All of these are what having Integrity is all about.
Makes sense? Hope so.

I coach women to regain their self worth and self esteem through tough love, stealth-like observations, and customized prescriptions to get over emotional blocks, and simple yet powerful techniques to overcome self defeat from bad relationships with family, fruends, husband’s or lovers. When you are ready to prepare your mind for the mental stability needed to actualize ALL you want in this life.

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