How Facebook Turned Me Into a Clown

African art

I've been on Facebook for some years now and it was so much fun at first. I'd connect with people from other countries, flirt with cute guys all while keeping in touch with ole friends.  I eventually I got serious about marketing my art and with the need for fresh content came my inspirational posts, love poems when I felt a little horny and needed an outlet and my own brand of chicken soup advice for my lady friends. But lately I don't know. It got to be an emotional drain trying to keep the trolls at bay while pretending not to notice that I was being flaked on. I realized that the public's accessability to me wasn't being valued on the level that I know I deserved.

It was just one rediculous thing after another: a woman inboxes me a pic of her tits while we are discussing shipping a painting, a guy gets mad when the conversation about which art piece he liked didn't turn into me giving him my personal number and date, not to mention the plethora of time wasted sending invoices that just sat in peoples inboxes. So something had to be done, but the only I could control was me. I didn't want to be that person cussing people out. I didn't want to get into a debate over every fucking thing I posted. I mean, I don't have a problem defending my position on anything I write because I don't talk about things I haven't experienced personally. But time is soooo much more previous to me now and there is a tremendous heaviness on e when I see its being wasted.

So I have no other choice but to back up and observe, regroup and rebrand myself. My art is the BOMB, and I feel that my true fans will follow me. The ones that masterbate to my photos and the chics that only comment on my page because they know men are lurking, they wont follow me....hopefully. But the ones that get me and appreciate my mind and my creativity and my artwork will ride because now that I don't have to clown for "likes" anymore, it's on and poppin.. cheers to new beginnings.

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