Guess What Ms. Re is Cookin for the New Year!!!

Aww the new year is here!! And we are alive to enjoy whoo-hoo. 2016 was a roller coaster for sure and I can’t say that im not relieved to see it go.

I brought in the new year on the phone with a client of mine. She booked a session with me just to thank me for the advice I give young women on love and relationships. She was so emotionally filled with gratitude that I started getting choked up too. Her mom died when she was young and never schooled her on the ins and outs of life as maturing woman, I became a big sis, an adopted mother of sorts.

We were talking and she was reading back to me quotes from my own words that she had read from my e-book. And Im sitting there listening to her and realized that what I have done has now become bigger than me.

I was humbled. I was inspired.


So what are y’all planning to make this year dynamic?

black cow girls
African-American Artist, Life Coach “Salkis Re”


Well, I’m working on my second e-book that I plan to finish  writing today. It’s a collection of quotes, short but heavy hitting chunks of wisdom grace reach page along with beautiful pictures of my art too. I am also working on turning my previous book into an audio book for those that enjoy listening while doing chores and things.

I purchased some domains like because I wanted a “tell it like it is space” as a home for my life-coaching products and services, plus an actual line of teas PLUS I am sketching out some art specifically for the site theme and all my lovely tea drinkers to grace their walls with.

This year is going to be awesome busy for me indeed.

You Tube will be my primary focus going into the this year. I want to connect visually will my fan base while using the platform to offer information and a space to showcase what I am working on artistically.

I am working on myself personally too.

I am reaffirming my commitment to wellness and a minimalist lifestyle. I love all things western,so I got a few more hats and boots to buy and 🐎 to finally ride. I’m hoping a cowgirl hat company sponsors me this year cause I think Im cute enough to be a model for some kick ass western gear (vision board request) hehe.

So Yeah lots of good things happening this year! Let the Turn up Commence! In closing, my message to you is to use what you got to get what you want.

No silly, not your hot box, although that might work too, lol.

Nawl, I am referring to what you have buried, those gifts you are inspired to to actualize but your afraid to fail so you never try. Pull them out of obscurity this year. This year might be your last chance to do it, so make it happen now! Love Ya!


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