Good or Bad?

black female artists
“Life Coach/Artist” ~Salkis Re

I have pondered this question for most of my natural life and my conclusion is yes, yes they are.
Life seeps in,

experiencing things that  cause trauma, creates an ego, and defensiveness.

We then learn how to conceal our true feelings or arrest emotions altogether.

Games, Manipulation, and Envy squat on your bedroom floor.
And to keep your heart from total collapse, you adopt a disheartened, sometimes aggressive disposition.

And all of this is necessary by the way.

The problem comes in when YOU start to believe your own pretense, when you believe that this thing you’ve created called your “personality” is authentically you.

It’s you by default and decree.
It’s you because you have to function and appear somewhat sane to other people.
And so it is..
With all this knowledge about what’s underneath your mask, you walk around caught off guard by people.

People are just people.

They are just like you and I.

Trying desperately not to get hurt again.
Playing tough and street smart.
Acting like we care less than we do.

Everybody is fronting one way or another.
But the ones that fair quite well are simply conscious of their creative ways to disguise themselves.
Others of us simply forget that it’s a performance and get into bad acting.

You act like GOOD is what you are, all while ironically presenting conflicts of interests to lovers and anyone who sticks around long enough to see through your concealment.

Everyone, just like you, has the potential to be anything necessary to make a point, or to invite material and emotional gain etc..

Just don’t forget who you are pretending to be or the purpose for which you’ve created this YOU in the first place.

Then you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the “SHOW” from other people without assuming anything deeper than what you sense that it is..

African American museum
“Mistress of Words”
“The Black Hat Society”
~Salkis Re

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