Dinner with the Moors

I don’t know what it is. Lately I have been having a seriously infatuation which moorish history. The fact that they were African people who ruled Europe may have something to do with it. I can finally aline myself to something other than slavery that saturates American history books. I want to see us in full regalia. The makers of castles and bath houses, literacy and such…

I get to display a representation of that with a series of art pieces inspires by the Moors.. The word Moor itself is translated as ‘sweetheart”, ‘dark-skin”,
“black berry”

African Art
“La Petite Moor” Original ARt by Salkis Re
African Art
“La Guerrera Princesa” Original Art by Salkis Re


LA Guerrera Princesa translates from spanish as ‘The Warrior Princess”. Her story is that her father died in battle and she takes up arms to avenge his demise. With a brave heart, she puts on her armor and bravely marches towards the battle field with the heredity of a warrior inside her. Her skin is black as ink and her eyes like oil lamps flickering in the darkness of night….

Well I’m not sure how many art pieces will be apart of this series, this may be a permanent home for me :)…


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