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A man told me that I wasn’t ugly. He said that when he heard me address myself as ugly, he took my picture to his friends to discuss my eating. They came the the conclusion that I’m a 5 or 5.5 for sure which is average NOT ugly.

He mentioned that even babies are attracted and respond better to attractive people, so this is intrinsic to what we all search for in a mate.

I Was Rate a 5 star *Average

I told this “It ok. I understand  what you are  attempting  to do, but I AM an ugly girl!” I own that because actually gives me COMPLETE emotional autonomy over the desire to be DESIRED by men..

The reason we women who are members  of the UGC understand the necessity of claiming the word Ugly is because it destroys another’s person’s power to emotionally manipulate and physically control you.

They Classified Us As Ugly

I saw this picture of these two girls. These are young ladies from the 70’s and based on our society, they would be classified as below average looking.

But I see “pureness” in their faces. I see agreeableness and sweetness and love it it’s natural form. But these girls would be targets for predators and pimps and simps today simply because they are basic black girls who live modest lives…

I fight for girls like them. I advocate for them because I  am/was just like them.

One of these days, you will understand

Darkskin Girls
Darkskin girls Are the BEST!


how important it is your your emotional wellbeing to divorce yourself from the NEED to be sexually  objectified by society. We <Black Girls> are already on the bottom of the social hierarchy and leading with sexual objectively gives predators your vagina wrapped in a nice little bow for no work at all!

Black and SWEEEET is what you should be. Not sexy. Not “attractive”. Think of yourself energetically…

What energy do you posses?

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