Dark Skin Girls As Video Vixens???

Tory Lanez
Rapper- Tory Lanez


Someone asked me to state my opinion about dark skin girls being represented in rap music because of some artist named Tory Lanez checking a video director for replacing a dark skin model with a light skin model for a video shoot.

My thoughts on being represented in rap videos is that it’s nothing to fight for or fight over.. We are ALREADY seen as sex objects to the world as black women.

From my vantage point, we are classified in two catergories. There’s the “Mamie” that nobody wants to fucc and the “Whore” that everybody wants to fucc.


We might get sprinkles of intellectual simulacrums here and there, but measured against the history of media and what’s put out for us to consume even to this day, they’re not even enough for an honorable mention…

I’m exhausted with topic, and the fact that women steadily want to rope into protests around colorism gets on my fuccing nerves actually..

Because even within the argument of segregation based on skin tone, dark skin women with small noses and small lips and small waistlines are the “Show Ponies” for the argument that we are just as attractive as any other woman, we just so happen to be dark skin..


beautiful black women

Do you see ISSA GAME?
Hierarchy will ALWAYS exist, even amongst the oppressed…

Y’all want another panel discussion to justify your depression, your laziness, your misfortune?

Nobody owes you SELF ESTEEM!!

You are not going to get that by watching women who look you shake their ass on screen!


beautiful black women

Media IS SOCERY. Media is MAGIC.

Makes you feel hopeful or helpless depending on the agenda..

So we must admit that we are like children.

We are affected emotionally by what we see even though we know it’s not real.

Cut off their supply of your energy.

Stop letting society VAMP on your emotions.
Be SELF aware!




Beautiful Black Women in relationships

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