The Ugly Girls Club!!

The narrative that you have to look a certain to be classified as a woman is agreeing with people who profit from your violation of how NATURE MADE YOU. Stop cowering down and watering down your magic!!Rise black bird, RISE!! You can pretend that you mimic people for whatever reason makes you comfortable. Maybe you […]

There’s Nothing Special About You!

      OK… When I tell women that they are not “special”, they’re offended but this is indubitably true. A woman stated to me that she was heart broken because her man left her for another white woman. “Another” meaning he was previously married to one before that wife passed away. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Well you […]

Whores Verses Hoes

I smile when people get on their soap boxes with wagging fingers against the moral character of people when they lie, cheat, manipulate on a daily basis as well. They hide behind religion and pretense, and glamor, proper English, and their expensive cars AND/OR meager dwellings so that they can and say “I’m better than […]

Be Who You Are!!

    I get it! You don’t want to look like a fool. You don’t want to seem strange to people. What want to be “normal” like everybody else. All illusions though and elaborate figments of your imagination. Why? Because being like everybody else is comfortable, but it doesn’t mean that people will automatically care […]

Your Sex Is a Gift

Your Sex Matters I know you’ve heard it before. Sex is no big deal. Sex is easy to get. Sex is doesn’t need to have commitment attached as so on.. *And I guess all of that is true: depending on who you talk too. But I will say this, every man who has told me […]

Men Can Spot the Weakness in Women

We say men are hunters right? Ok what are the characteristics of a hunter? Isn’t Isn’t a hunter observant and watchful of what he has his eye on? Isn’t a hunter looking for the easiest prey? Can a hunter not spot frailties and weaknesses? Men are more observant than you think. And when they care […]

The First Time You Became a Whore!

Yes, You are a WHORE Too! Some of you will wrestle with your whordom. You will think that you are above reproach and that somehow your vaginal is more pristine than that of a woman who pedals her flesh. So I will tell you what you won’t accept but what is true nonetheless. You are […]

How to Stop the Disease to Please!

How Not to Give a Shit! Oops! Did I Just Swear??   If you could get this one thing together, I mean this would blow this need to people please to smithereens, and You’d have what you want out a life! Validation and acceptance from the “tribe” was once a survival requirement. You could have […]

Solar Eclipse Is Here! Time To Manifest Everything You Want#!

__********->A Total Solar Eclipse is Happening today!! The last time we had one was in 1979!! ========== So the moon will block out the sun totally for a short time today and this natural event as not happened since 1979.. There’s a 70 mile stretch called the “path of totality” where areas of the US […]

You Think He Doesn’t Know He Hurts You?

“People Know Exactly What They Are Doing” Written by Salkis Re (c) 2017 Women often create this romanticism around the pain inflicted upon them. All of a sudden that person who is mistreating you is reduced and excused into having the brain matter of a drippling toddler, while you inadvertently defend their actions while creating […]