1# BEST Way to Accomplish ALL Your Goals

Achieving Your Goals Is Not Done With Vision Boards! Authenticity is overrated. And it will halt all your goals. And people will shame you for pretending. And you’ll feel ashamed for pretending. Then you will go back to what you know. Then realize -AGAIN- that it doesn’t work. Then you’ll revisit trying to change. And […]

Why You Want to Please People So Damn Badly!

Why is it so hard for you to consider how you feel FIRST?? I will tell you why. Because a long time ago, when you were just a little girl, someone you loved and depended on told you it was wrong not to want to share. These people were giants to you and you looked […]

Stop Playing Small!

Some of us are wasting away at life. The Great Pretenders I call them. You are Afraid to make a mistake, and afraid to get your heart broken again. So you wallow in denial of what you want AND deny your responsibility in the results you’ve gotten so far. Everything you could have been will […]

“Black Men DO Not Want Black Women???”

Written by Salkis Re   Begging of any kind immediately puts you in a subordinate position. Stop harassing these black women that you “think” do not what to date you. It doesn’t make a difference and NEWS FLASH, you can’t SHAME men not changing their minds about where they want to insert their penises. It […]

Being a Witch Over Your Life!

So today lets talk about you. Why are you so afraid of people? Why do you care more about what they think about you, than what you think about yourself? Doesn’t make sense right? But you do it! You will spend the majority of your life doing it until you become old and with grouchy […]

No Reason to Love a Woman Like You!!

“Emotional Decisions”   Decisions made by the heart alone NEVER stick. And this is why decisions made solely from an emotional place ALWAYS END. Sometimes quickly… Most times quickly actually. Him loving you doesn’t compel him to stay, does it? You loving him doesn’t mean you don’t want to leave, does it?   So why […]


If you act desperate, you will be used and abused: plain and simple. Why? Because desperation denotes powerlessness, and perception that you don’t have another option. I don’t give a shit if you are a live-in girlfriend or a long time wife, you can and had better maintain emotional control over your environment by decimating […]

“Sexual Abuse Happens to Every Woman”

All women I have had the pleasure of talking to, coaching with, friendships and associates have a sexual abuse story from their past: ALL OF THEM! It was an uncle here, a stepfather there, an older cousin here, a brother there, a boyfriend over here, and a husband after that, and so on and so […]

Women Over 40 Hitting a Wall: MGTOW ANTICS

🌼🌼SHARE THIS/SHOTS FIRED!!!!🌼🌼 “Hitting The WALL at 40🤔???” Ok so apparently, these MGTOW men are learning terms to shame and devalue women. One in particular is “women over 40 hitting a wall”, and it means that she is “stuck” because her sexual market value is on the decline. Let me tell you ladies something, you […]

“You’re not a HOE, but you are a WHORE”

Written by Salkis Re What is a hoe? I’m sitting here at my computer desk this morning thinking of something inspiring to write and that question just popped up in my mind. I am haunted by my hot pursuit of and relentless contemplations around being a woman, a SATISFIED woman. So I am thinking about […]