Butt Ugly Beauties

Awwww. Listen Linda, Listen!! I know what it feels like, what it be like to dance with self doubt. Everywhere you turn, there is another thing you NEED because somebody is saying that you have look better than what you are in order to compete with… well don’t even damn know!! SO we buy the […]

Sugared Vagina

Sweet Vagina!! So I’m thinking about your vagina today, lllmao. And I want to help you keep it on point. The best advice I can give on this matter is to ditch the SUGAR. Sugar will dry your vagina walls out, and you will become yeast infections ready if you are a sugar addict. Sugar […]

I Put a Spell On Me!!

  Casting Love spells is a hot thing to do. I will admit it. I tried a couple spells back in the days too. Did some pretty nasty stuff like smudging period blood on my neck, I even cooked dinner for an imaginary husband for 3 months straight. My daughter thought I was bat shyte […]

4 Things to Do When You Catch Him Cheating

“Some Things to Note When You Catch Him Cheating” Would you like to sit and contemplate the *context of his actions while keeping the actual act irrelevant? What does *looking for another woman mean? Isn’t looking for another woman an act carried out to REPLACE the emotional and physical earnings in a companionship? When you […]

Learning the Game Early

  “We’ve Learned” Written by Salkis Re Little girls learn what the bigger girls have to do, preoccupied their minds with looking pretty like them too. Then mommy steps in cause she wants to slow us down, saying we have to wait till we’re a bit bigger to wear her crown. But we see early […]