Black Womens Love Affair With Self Doubt

So today was a weird day. I had an Instagram follower leave a comment under one of my videos and in her statement she gave a plug to another #lifecoach and directed my followers to seek out my completion for spiritual coaching.

I was like really? Like you don’t know that you were being disrespectful hell?

I did heart the comment because I knew she was sincerely plugging another coach who helped, and I’m all for progress and breakthroughs even if I had nothing to do with it.

But this is what I do for my livelihood. This what I do for FREE with all my social media content too.

She put me a tight box.

She insinuate that I’m a life coach exclusively for darkskin women and a great artist while the person she was endorsing is a metaphysician and a solutions based spiritual coach..

Uh…. ok..

So the space that I’ve created to secrete wisdom is now a free for all with no regard for business etiquette?!

She deleted her comment after apologizing when I asked her if the plan was to cross promote.

“I didn’t mean to desrepect you Salkis.

I truly was only trying to help and we need to come together and support all black women.

And I agree with as the theory she knew it to be because rather than reciprocate her sentiments on the other coaches’s channel as I suggested, she bailed and deleted the comment as a cop out!

She understood that it was inappropriate to do that on the other girl’s profile but wanted to feed the bullshyte about sticking together and helping each other.

In one fell swoop, she declassified me and relegated me to a subpar category to massage her ego and her need to “matter”.

Not solution based?


Because I don’t tell women lies and inflate their egos with flattery and more lies for them to believe in?

Because I tell women to get rid of their addiction to vanity and totally divorce themselves from validation based on looks?

Because I say that friendship as it’s defined does not exist because it brings a delusion of honesty and ownership that women violate at the drop of hat?

All harsh truths…

But truths nonetheless.

And life changing perspectives that will unblock you emotionally and grow your resolve and fortitude.

And you, just like me, must be ok with rejection, with being misunderstood and even disrespected.

I fight with formalities and prejudices of and from black women every single day of my life.

Put into a category based on what I look like, NOT what I say.

Women predetermine what they feel I should focus on based on what I look like.

It is what it is..

And everyone will get it wrong until you assert yourself and course correct those that you have to see more than once in your life.

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