Beat Faces and Jealous Guilt

African American Art

So I am planning on finishing up my second ebook  this week. I keep finding things to add to it and I literally have to tell myself STOP! lol.

But it’s good tea yawl!

Any who! This post is about JEALOUSY. Yikes! Why are we so jealous of each other?

We are jealous of each other (I’m talking about catty women now) because we are LAZY.

Yeah. I said it.

LAZINESS makes us jealous of each other. If you are not spending time and MASSIVE energy in self improvement, you know what happens to you?

You start to feel GUILTY. Yup! The guilt creeps in like a cold ghost riding your back every day. The only reason you could ever be inspired to tear another woman down is simply because you are not doing the best you can for yourself.

This whole thing is about being comfortable with who you are. How do you do this?

Will make-up help you out? Of course a beat face makes you pleasant to look at, and you can contour your cheeks and bat your eyes with the falsies to entice men to your “yard”!!

But then what? Is make-up ‘self improvement’?

Make-up is packaging, it making you presentable enough to entice a man into wanting to know more about you.

I call it “war tools’ LLLMAO! Cause that is what it is. It’s the equipment for you to attract attention while possibly narrowing down other would-be competition.

Make-up cannot make up for low self esteem though. I have said this to you before, and I will say it again. Make-up is Masking, and masking is about presentation, it does not repair your emotional body.

The BEST way to strengthen your belief in your value is to do things that simply nurture you.


You think you are F”d up because someone way back when, told you that you weren’t shyte: and you believed them because you respected, loved or feared (them/they) who made the claim. And here you are now, stressed out and constantly upset with every other woman you see because they have something you want, and it’s usually something you are too lazy to work for.

If you want to be HER, then you have to work extra hard to do that. Why? Because you are not her or you’d be like her right now.

When you are jealous, you are in total disregard what you have to work with, and you have chosen just to grind your wheels about what another woman has or is.

POINTLESS my dear.

Look in the mirror.

Go ahead!

GO NOW… What do you see that you can change, that you’ve promised to change or work on? Be honest now.

SO why haven’t you given any energy to that stuff you see in the mirror? Do you understand that your energy is displaced, and fueling jealousy will not improve you?

Do you?

I am not even telling you to stop being jealous here, I am saying that you are wasting that fire on something that will bring you any dividends!

Bring that energy back to you, back to what you see in the mirror. What you need to change will need that fire you’re directing to woman who do no even know you exist. 

Snatch that energy back and start designing your life around being the center of your universe. This means giving yourself 100% of your energy and patching up any leakage spewing out toward the jealous rage inside for  other women.

THAT IS GUILT!! Your jealousy is nothing more than a manifestation of your guilt for not honoring your own self!!

Build your resolve by TAKING CARE OF YOU.

  1. Exercise, drink your water, eat quality food,
  2. wear colors that compliment your skin and brighten your mood,
  3. wear clothes that fit,
  4. Moisturize yourself
  5. get a personal scent (Smelling good AUTOMATICALLY makes you look ten times better)
  6. Learn something new EVERYDAY
  7. Create something
  8. Read

The reason why most women are challenged visually is simply do to improper care fueled by low self esteem. You are a princess. You are a Queen. So what do queens do, how are queens treated? Start expecting that, exuding that and you will see your jealousy start to demising because you are simply caring for yourself a little more..


You should be too busy to feel jealousy really. There’s too much you need to work on to give any energy towards women who don’t need extra fuel. Keep yours and stop giving it away!

Hope you like this article. Let me know what you think, what you are going through and what you’d like me to discuss.

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