Am I A Witch? Hmmm

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“Am I A Witch?”

Written by Salkis Re (c)2017

Someone asked if I’m a witch,
and I have to say that I do respect them.
Their mental conviction and intense beliefs makes their lives
not full of “ifs” and much more “whens”.

They are great observers, of people and the truth, and understand how to get what they want.
They do not cower or have the time to play the victim role like “good people” who have to front.

I do believe in spells and see it at work, from our government to all the foods I like to eat.
And I see you cast bad spells, over your own self, and that’s why your own success is hard to see.

Your entire life is built around magic, from your conception on to your very last breath.
You’ve been spell bound your whole life and act fearful of what has never even happened yet.

So you’re afraid of witches and their secret insistings as if you’re any different of them,
You are the same my dear you just operate in fear and too scared to drop “if” and go for “when”.

So to answer your question about your speculations of me
being a practitioner of witchcraft,
I can say unequivocally
that if I actually were
not to you nor anyone I’d never tell.



Now that poem is a life lesson creatively disseminated to you. I want you to know that labels are made to mark and trap you. And if you truly want totall freedom in your life, you are going to have to let go of “needing” to be categorized and labeled.

What does a witch do fundamentally?

Help people see clearly,

heal the sick,

direct energy towards a specific thought or function?


And it would behoove you turn learn some mental and emotional control so that you can stop being a victim of your own desires, of your own life even…

  1. A commercial is a spell.
  2. A prayer is a spell.
  3. A wish is a spell.
  4. A claim of “I Can’t” is a curse!!
  5. A sentence is definitely a spell.
  6. A piece of art is a spell.
  7. Sex IS unequivocally a spell.

We live in a world of wills, and whoever has the strongest will gets the spoils of war. You point fingers because you lack gnosis and assume the world is either black or white when YOU yourself live in a mixture of grey.

Stop being so gullible about people and pay attention. And while you’re busy with that, I want you to start Have reverence for your own tongue because it’s a weapon you use to rebuke yourself out of the things you say you want each and every day.

You are a magus, uncontrollable power you have, but a creatix nonetheless.

Step into absolution. And intend all day long.

You need me to help you, so find me here



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