About Me: Artist Salkis Re

women with locs


I’m here thinking what to write, lol. I guess at this time the ‘about me’ is me simply expressing myself and my work honestly. Im exhausted with labels and categories to ‘class and cast’ people. And I’m not interested in being the next big anything really. My world is mine to state, mine to create, and I want every women in this world to be encouraged to make that declaration for themselves. I want to celebrate a woman’s worth, and talk about her woes and experiences.

I desire to repair my inner child and your inner child because every notion of who we think we are, our value or lack thereof started as a little girl.  So I time travel with my brush to kiss and hug her, tell her I love her, heal her, and pull her forward with me through art and writings. So yes, I paint little girls, but I want you to know from the bottom of my solar plexus to the top that my work is just as much for you as it is for your children :)..

That said, I am a self taught artist, would be psychologist, poet and author. Welcome to my world….

 And yes, that’s paint in my hair lol!

~Salkis Re