A Time To Die!

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“Self Esteem Coach”~Salkis Re




Time for a slow singing, flower bringing moment for the ‘old’ you.

Time to let go of that script you like to spit out to every new person you meet.

You know the one.

The one that gives you sympathy points. The story that makes people are pity on you, that makes people what to stop and hug you because it looks like you are about to fall apart..for the thousandth time.



Stop being a ‘show’ for people to laugh and talk about when you leave the room. Stop wanting the kind of attention empathy brings.

In order to become the goddess you want to be, you have to set yourself to a higher standard and ‘own’ your tragedies in a results producing way.

Your momma didn’t love you?


How can you use that to make you better?

You were molested as a child?


What can you do with that experience to make you better or the lives of other children better?

What can you do with your pain besides cower down and wait for people to hand you a tissue?

This moment is your time if you decide that it is. This moment can be the death AND the Rebirth of your being if you want it too.

Time does NOT heal all wounds, a DECISION does!!!


OK let me wrap up this message by saying that I want to work with you. If you are reading this, then we are already resonating with each other. But you may still have reservations and that’s cool too! If you want to set up an informal session with me to get a some real time experience and to see if you want to commit to working together on a full time basis,  then click here to get your feet wet

I did a video today that I want you to watch. explains the 4 principles of building up your self worth so you can start living a life free from lack, ugliness and self doubt.


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