A Street Prophet’s Mistake

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Sometimes you have to alter or manipulate the conditions within your environment to see growth.

A teachers responsibility to take his students to the next level. Its about growth a development and a stagnant doctrine has a shelf life shorter than homemade bread. Have you thought is thing through? Are you prepared to change and grow as YOU learn more? How will you disseminate that transition without forfeiting the foundation for which your fame is currently made of? You do these things by being human, and expressing with honestly the expectation of the manifestation of those flaws/growth within what you do. The word create means “to grow” Its not a perfect act within itself. It requires nurturing and observation, sometimes you have to alter or manipulate the conditions within your environment to see growth.¬†

Looking attractive helps. Speaking with vibrato commands attention. Telling people to do things you are prepared to do and practice daily, gives you credibility and builds trust.

To Know thyself and Exploit it like a prostitute!

Me? Well I am a counselor, a life coach, an artist, a writer: a thinker! I offer guidance (not based on empty promises of perfection) but based on what I trained myself into becoming to avoid pain. I know people. I made myself know people so that I could minimize the risk of me getting swindled out of my money or my vagina. My platform? To Know Thyself and Exploit the Hell out of it like a prostitute on her hoe stroll! Period. I more concerned with repairing what’s let of your heart. I want you to uncover the gifts you forgot you were hiding in the first place. That’s my thing..

 Street Prophets- Pick Your Battles
Some of you that have taken on the responsibility of “teaching” your people must understand showmanship and branding. You are in a very real sense -a performer. So must think deeply, not only about your audience but who you “validate” by signing up for debates and who you decide to sit and talk with in a public forum.
You can quickly appear wishy-washy and inconsistent if you are not careful who you align yourself with, even a “debate” is an acknowledgment equal skill. It’s pay per view fight to see who can steal the others followers. Tend to the business of helping people if that is your calling and you will remain standing long after their “hype” loses its sparkle.
~Salkis Re
“A message to you ‘teachers’ out here”
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