3 Ways That Your Emotional Dysfunction Took Form!!

3 Ways That Your Emotional Dysfunction Took Form!!

1#In The Womb

 Your emotions are formed in the womb.
Even before you are born, your seat feeling sadness,
excitement and fear.
Not only do you inherit your mother’s eye color and your father’s height,
you inherit their emotional imbalances too.
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“More Love” , Art by Salkis Re

2# Then Your Family Condemns You

 When you are born, then what you call your ‘family”

starts working on your self esteem, destroying your confidence,
shaming your tastes in food or clothing,
telling you that you look funny or flat out unattractive.

3# Then Your Lover Finished Breaking What’s Left of Your Self Esteem

 And then whatever is left of you is destroyed
by a romantic relationship
that ends in you feeling a broken heart,
unworthy of love and the cap stone on the
confirmation of all you’ve experienced
from the previous two on this list.
Reclamation of your mind, body and soul is about reject EVERYTHING you know to be true.
You must be reborn mentally in order to heal..


Why should you listen to me?


Because I’m CRAZY, a nonconfirmist, AND an introvert who had to bind her insecurities and throw that bitch in the closet so I could pound the pavement and be found by good women like you!

“Your Self Esteem Coach”
~Salkis Re

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