Black Women Least Wanted?

So one of my clients admitted to me that we went to consult with a make dating coach.

She said that he told her that his clientele want lightskin women exclusively and wanted to know my take on the matter.

She specifically wanted me to respond to this as I’ve been telling black women to stop the foolish thinking that look ack men do not want us.

Here was my response:

And I say that he is right as a “rule” about his evaluation of “his” clientele. But he is not telling the “law” about all black men wanting light skin women. There’s a difference between being “rule” and being “law”.

There are exceptions to the “rule” which means he is incapable of supplying you with the absolute “law” of what every black man wants.
And you have to start asking yourself what was the motive and goal was for him to tell you that unless you were trying to be or ARE a client of his and he was telling you in a roundabout way that he can’t help you.
Conversations like these are dangerous for the mind to absorb because it becomes your script and your testimony and the fallguy for the reasons why you put off self evaluation and self improvement.
Everywhere we turn, people gloat over telling us that we are unwanted..
But it NOT a LAW until we believe it!

It would seem to me at this point that darkskin women

want me to add to the doom and gloom narrative because when I tell “US” that it’s not fact, I get the they said and he said and she said to discredit the thought process I want us to adopt collectively.

Your results are not based on what black men want or what a relationship coach tells you that ‘his’ clients want.

Your results are based on your perception of your reality which is just another way of saying “your beliefs”.
Low self esteem and fear of judgement (WHICH IS WHAT MOST WOMEN HAVE) produces “results”, NOT statistics or public opinion.

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