Stephen Clarke Killed, SO WHAT!!!!

He Got Shot? Fuck HIM!

Ok so this topic is all through my newsfeed about Stephen Clark, 22 year old shot and killed by police recently.

A lot of black women are fervently against supporting the unjust shooting of this young man because they took the time to investigate his twitter account and saw disparaging comments made against black women.

His wife/girlfriend is an Asian woman and he openly expressed distain for black women, so the discussion is amoungst the black women is basically to let him burn in hell.

I think that protesting is a waste of time to being with, but I’m more disturbed by how easily

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Stephen Clarke, 22 year Old Unarmed Man Gunned Down by Police

we lose our principles when the issue of who doesn’t want us ‘sexually’ comes up.

If who we fight for is conditional and contingent upon if the person was “nice” or “ educated” or “wealthy”

or “attractive” then we are discriminating against each other, in the same manner

that we blame the establishment for doing to us.


The biases have no end in sight, I am exhausted with this issue of black men supposedly not wanting “us”.
A few loud, charismatic, attractive people say they do not want black women, is not a accurate reflection of our entire body of men.

What’s MORE worrisome to me are the men who PRETEND to want relationships with

the women they pursue, and there are PLENTY more of them than black men who “hate” black women.

No one can “disrespect you” , no black man’s words can “degrade” you.

What a black man feels about you (Good or Bad) is his own “personal” contemplations.

And it is your option to wear that opinion or not.

Apparently, Our convictions can be bought!!
Apparently our convictions ARE conditional,
extremely superficial and reactionary at best.
If we are the mothers of civilization, that claim comes with great responsibility and should accompany total understanding of life here on this physical planet.
What you have created, gets to rule over you now?
How so?


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