Why You Should Lie to Men!!

Sooo I know this idea seem real shady and shiesty to contemplate, but I want you to hear my case on this matter, especially since you lie to men anyway.

I have never met a woman who is totally honest with her man.

Well yes I have.

And she regretted it!!!

black women with locs
Life Coach/Artist ~Salkis Re

So I did a video to break down this ‘new’ phenomenon explaining why you must do this IF your goal is to make a man remain in love with you.

Frankly, we have been taught a bold face lie about how to get or create love from a man.

Everything that is taught to us is for aiding in our subjugation  instead of sovereignty, and its time you heard the WHOLE truth.

Men love you MORE when they know LESS about you.


Because he has constructed in his mind what he thinks you are, and his imagination is ALWAYS going to be better than the reality of what you are.


Women with locs

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