Women and Repressive Madness

“Uncover Your Dark Side”
Written by Salkis Re

Witch Craft
Life Coach, Salkis Re

Until you accept your dark side, you will continue to be a victim of the darkness in other people. I don’t know how else to explain this. And I’m talking to you so-called “nice” people in particular..

You let people abuse you.
You are forever playing the sacrificial lamb.
But you are a victim of your own pretentiousness. And you live more inauthentically than those whom you claim are abusing you.

I wonder what we’d see if your mind could be cut open and your thoughts dissected!
I think we would see who’s face you’d like to scar with a box cutter, I think we’d see who you secretly wish you could kill and not enter hell for doing so.

I think we’d see that you don’t really want to care about your “friends” and that you want to be a size 6 instead of being BBW poster child. I think we’d see how sadistic you really are and how nice you really are not!

You’re a bullshitter. Just like the rest of us. Especially our sistren who battle with depression, your darkness runs deeeeep and wrestle with what you want the world to think you are, and what you’re afraid to admit that you are..

Life Coach, Salkis Re

So church ladies will continue fuck men other than their husbands, and men will pretend to love you as you are, and you will continue to need us to assume that you have virtue, and we all will continue to keep lying and masking pain.

You better UNPACK your darkness though, so you can get defenders and real SEERS called Reason and Instinct to back you and protect you!

Get Your Black Hat, put it on, and activate FULL acceptance of yourself. Peace lives inside self esteem…..
Carry On.

“Relationship Expert”
“The Black Hat Society”
“Medicine Woman”
~Salkis Re

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