You are Perfect!

Artist/Life Coach ~Salkis Re
ARTIST ~Salkis Re

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“You Are Beautiful”
Written by Salkis Re

Simplify your beauty. A lot of men perpetuate their perpetrations. And many of them secretly want to open themselves to other men.

Suffer from Beauty Standards

You quietly suffer because you feel you don’t measure up to a standard, but you are dealing with desensitized eyes. I myself have been mistaken for a man before, and it hurt me deeply.

But I’ve come to realize that id been trying to do battle against what I could never be, and finally at this point in life, I have no desire to be.

Men You Secretly Want a Penis

Men who secretly want the pole telling you that you are not feminine enough, that you are not pretty enough, that you got to up your game. Really?
And then they will fall madly in love with you?
I think not.
It doesn’t matter really.
Stop fighting their demons, and use your strength to slay your own.

Raise up!

You are perfect as you are, no caveat needed.
When you relax into the glory of womanhood, your body will start to response to you.

Too many of us live in perpetual stress, worried consecutively about how we look.
Arrest those immoral thoughts and throw glitter on yourself.
You are the BEST! Declare it!

black artists

So who am I?

An Artist.

A Life Coach

A Friend.

A Mother.

A Black Woman who has sojourned her entire to find peace,

self love, and the expression of a purposeful life.

I have taken on the task of HEALER using my creative/art skill and communicative means.

I hope you share this message with all you know.

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