Make Him Fall in Love You

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How to Make Him Love You in 3 Easy Steps

🌼Step 1)
Make him EARN knowledge of who you are!
This would be classed in the ‘Be Mysterious’ category. Too many of you spill your guts out in the first phone call. You spend Hours blabbing straight from the gate ABOUT YOUR FAILINGS in life. Confess to your GOD in prayer, and keep your conversations with him Interesting BUT “light”.

The getting to know process is more about gathering information to see where your weaknesses are. Remember this: when a person knows you, he can manipulate you AND knowledge means no anxiety, no sense of urgency or want to impress you.

🌼Step 2)
There is nothing that diminishes the perception of your value like the stench of desperation! Relaxation is the way to hear what you need to hear because you are making him comfortable enough to open up to you. Quality time is relaxed time..

🌼Step 3)
Be Different!
It is better to stand out if you want to make an impression and it’s not hard to do. Most women feel pressured to conform to a standard of beauty, or style, and feel trapped or uncomfortable because of it.

🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 🌼
”Black Hat Society”

“Black Hat Society” ~Salkis Re🌼”Spiritual Advisor for Hire”
🌼”Medicine Woman for Healing”
🌼”Mistress of Words for Spells”
🌼”Black Girl Magic for Life”
~Salkis Re

Work with me to save yourself time and heartache. You guidance on the game of love and life, and I can show you how to win!







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