This is Your Dream Killer


“The Humans”   Art by Salkis Re


“The Dream Killer Is..”

Taking control of a thing is not a passive protocol. Some of you are “waiting” for something to fall out the sky, for the great Conjunction, a shooting star, waiting on Jesus, or the Pleadians to come for you, or some shamanic rites of passage to give you ceremony to trick you into moving your arse.

And because you are “waiting” instead of “doing, you have failed before you’ve even begun. Why? Because passivity is the nature of a coward, someone who lacks the confidence to fail.. Yeah! The confidence to fail. You have allowed failure to destroy your resolve, AND your creativity! Your “job” is like a pacifier for you. A job means “someone else will provide for me” and your potential is smothered into a : “Im just gonna do these 8 hours and leave” mentality. No thoughts of expansion, no need to stretch yourself or to become better because you hate what you are doing while doing nothing about it.

Passivity is the dream killer, It obliterates aspirations, and infects you with a self afflicting amnesia as you make yourself forget what you’ve always wanted to be. Do you understand that you must “take” what what you want?
You must nurture your resolve and strengthen your convictions and…
No I’m fucking lying right now.
Let me tell you the truth. You have to die and be reborn again. What you are right now has to go and put a new you built with your intentions in its place. Why? Because in order to “act different” you need to be different.

African American Art
“Spiritual Advisor” ~Salkis Re

“Black Hat Society”
“Mistress of Words”
“Spiritual Advisor”
“Sacred Feline” -The Black Kat
“Creative Soul”
~Salkis Re

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