Multiple Personalities is The Right Way to Be

I am Darkness and Light respectively. I do not apologies or excuse the contrast or the contradictions within my personality. I am whatever I need to be, whatever I want to be to suit the moment: this is balance!.

You attempt to alter your “sameness” with hair styles and new garments because your crave the magic and the mystery behind “change“, yet you are still afraid to show the world the parts of you that you long to bring to the surface.


I am very loving, and childlike in nature, I have an innocent side that comes out in my work. And then there’s the “Black Hat”, and knows all things, is not interested in being “liked” or even “loved” because she sees through the veil.

I suggest that you get a “hat”, doesn’t have to be an actual hat but that would be helpful. And let that be your “trigger” to TURN ON or activate the other parts of yourself laying dormant and unused. Changing outfits is not enough to pull you out of your shell.

You have to conjure her up.
Because there is an appropriate time to be vulnerable just as there is an REQUIRED time to be “matter of fact” to make decisions that your emotions just cannot take a front seat for.
Get Your Hat and Dress for the Occasion!

“Black Hat Wisdom”
“Liberator of the Breath of Re”
“She Who Opens the Throat to Breathe”
“Mistress of Words
“Queen Bee”
“Self Esteem Coach”
~Salkis Re


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