Simon Beats That Drum!

You can see the many of changes my little Simon has gone through and Im not finished yet. Truly painting is a soul thing. I can see my mood in each stage and it fascinating to say the least. To create something of thin air and evokes emotions of love is an incredible feeling. I would not trade being an artist for anything else in the world! I usually start with a rough drawing and build the features as I go along.

I never know how the piece with look in the end and I prefer it that way, it makes me a spectator while I paint and that excites me. My work has been described as innocent yet sensual at the same time and I have to agree with that observation. This boy I am currently working on is the forth one in my entire collection of work.

Boys do not come to my mind often when it comes to creating a piece. I do prefer doing girls but when the vibration is strong ┬áto paint a boy, I just obey and do it. I will post his story when he’s completed!


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