Prince, Beyonce and Me!


PrinceThis has been a busy few weeks. My baby is gone(Prince). Beyonce drops her mini music movie and I’m trying to keep my damn mouth shut and create through all the madness. The only bone I have to pick is with Serena’s cameo. I would have loved to see her on a throne or something a little more regal than bouncing around Beyonce’s feet. I just thought that a World Champion could get a  shine that coincides with her brand as well.

Beyonce’s got a team of lawyers and other crew members to make sure every pic put out at her concerts are flattering, the elevator debacle between her sister and her bae got smashed swiftly, so why couldn’t Serena be neck and neck with Bee in the video to keep her brand in order too is all Im saying: no shade of course cause I love Bee and Serena too! Hmm.. And its not that I’m free from off script presentations myself, I but I don’t want people I admire to be just like me I suppose… Let me think on this and get back too you…

On to my baby Prince. Now when I heard the news, I immediately started hyper ventilating. I felt like I lost a best friend. Unbelievable heartbreak swelled up inside me because he left us so abruptly. I would talk about him from time to time as an example of creative excellence and some of the feedback would always go to clown sessions about his clothing and his androgynous look, but I didn’t care about any of that. To me Prince was his own man, never drifted away from his form of expression, a trailblazer if I ever saw one.

He was a reserved and extremely private person, yet a perfectionist on stage, showing us little glimpses of himself through his lyrics. I used to not understand how performers could be shy people until I realized that I’m exactly the same way: I’m also open and very reserved and isolated too. I heard that he was in a lot of pain coming down to the end, hips shot to hell from all the years of jump splits and triple spins on stage. That saddened me deeply.

What a professional. What a commitment to purpose. I want to be like him when I grow up!! He helped so many people with private financial donations like Travon Martin’s family and I just heard he help Lauryn Hill’s family financially while she was in prison. Heels or not, He was ALL MAN indeed.

I toyed around with the idea of painting him. I wanted too. Then I didn’t want too. Then I had too. Some expressed that it was in poor taste to sell the Prince portrait. I guess they felt I was capitalizing off his death. That stung a little, but I have yet to meet a 9-5er that has offered to work for free because their boss died.. I’m an artist this is how I eat that’s all I can say about that. So here is the evolution of sweetness Enjoy. And if you’d like to add this to your collection send me an email at to purchase my boo thang..

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