Ooooh She’s Naked!!!!

African Art

Soo I am revamping, cleaning house, looking our my business plans, my goals and motivations.  What is my message? What has been my message this entire time?

Empowerment of course. Female Empowerment to be precise. And healing..

I wanted and still do intend on portray life’s lessons through the eyes of the sweet little girls I paint. But questions were posed to me the other day, and it became apparent to me that I was editing myself as an artist so that I would not offend people. I dabbled here and there in sensuality and sexuality, but I realized that some of the story was being left untold. If I am truly for the autonomy of women, this means being comfortable with everything that being a woman is about.

Some people are offended by nudes and I respect that. But what I don’t have to do is make my work a reflection of what they are uncomfortable with. So I ask them now, are you offended when you take off your clothes? Maybe that is where the angst comes from. A disgust with one’s self possibly? I know that one very well too. So I face myself in the mirror while making corrections instead hiding behind morality like so many of my beloved sisters do. Anyone who has followed my work or commentary for any length of time knows that I’m not an advocate for parting your legs whenever the munchies hit you. Discipline is what I propose for all vices and corrections in character flaws not over indulgences.

Got a new website coming called “”

Nudity in my work represents total relaxation with the self, nothing to hide and no need to hide. This is what I’m on a mission to embody as I shed old skin and look for new experiences to aid in the formation of my new personality. Self respect is about doing in the dark the same things you do in the light. Its about packing up the need to pretend that you ‘don’t this’ for anyone. Are we holding up billboards? No. Every man doesn’t need to know what I do in bed, but the man that I want to be with should be told without hesitation what my needs are. But  what I find is that people that hide what they fear also inadvertently hide and are unable to communicate what they really want too. Guilt has no place in healing. No place in my world. I will leave that charge to those of you who enjoy the dance of deception, so I will not carry your burden for you. One of the main reasons that I became an artist is for the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do and find those who resonate with my form of expression.

That’s it!

I hope my fans continue to walk with me as I evolve and explore the vastness of love as I see it. Some of you will drop off, and I don’t mind if you do. I just ask that you do classy and quietly like you expect me to be….

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