Your a Mean One Ms Grinch: Cosmic love??

So, I Really, really do not believe in “cosmic love”, I hear all these wonderful, dare I say narcotic influenced definitions of love. MOSTLY FROM women who swear their lovers come to their dreams and they time travel while having sex on shooting stars… Sigh.. I love hearing the stories though. It entertains me much like a good book you read then put away until u need to be entertained again.

Are they listening to what they are saying though. Do their partners feel the same way? Is this all because the “nut” was really good? How on earth can they say that their love is unconditional? How do you decide that you want to be with this person as opposed that person without some process of logic and reason. What makes you think he is the one if there is nothing to quantify?

These are tall tales women are telling, mostly to justify mistakes or their need for indulgences. To me, these things are merely coping stories concocted to take them “off the hook” and not be responsible for the things they do with partners or lovers. All this fluff, but in the after glow, or that “pillow talk” they ask him: “Why Do You Love Me” as they gleefully wait with bated breath (you egomaniacs) for the praises of their magnificent love and vaginas.

What is wrong with setting boundaries, or having standards when it comes to love? How many heartbreaks does it take to understand that HEART AND MIND need to be present when dealing with the will power of men.

Yeah Yeah, I know… it’s deeper than physical as some of you say. But how do you maintain a relationship that is non-physical? Air kisses, mental “I love you’s” and monopoly money to pay the rent?

I can’t with all this fluff. But I do appreciate the creative ways we lie to makes for great poetry…

Here’s to love, by whatever means I you experience it!

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