Love All Over Me!

Freeform Locs

Love Poem

Sitting at the my window pane, smelling the rain, tickled as the drops hit my cheek.

Day dreaming of your scent and the feeling of strength as you embrace me.

Wondering if I feel as sweet as you feel to me.

I have never known thirst until I met you.

I use to boast that I had the 'witches brew".

Hiding my emotions was always easy until now. What is the point of garments when you can see right through me.

So this is what those love songs are about,

that yearning feeling that I now can't do without.

I pretend to be interested in other things, but you consume me.

I can't even tie my shoe without a thoughts of you…

I smell your cologne in my clothes, in my sheets, in my hair…

Love All Over Me 


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