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Life Coaching
20 Minute Life Coaching Session

So you want to change your life, right?

Not sure of the first step to doing this, not sure of anything really.
But you know you have to make a change.
You know that you are losing time by doing nothing.
You want to repair your intimate relationships, but you don’t know how to start.
You want to lose weight, but you don’t know how to start that either.
You’ve had this business eating away at your heart for years, but you are afraid of failure, so you’ve done nothing to manifest it.
Our lives, the experiences we have are predicated upon how we see the world.

There is no recession for some people, though others reverb it’s effects regularly.

There is no shortage of eligible men, but some women have decided to make up statistics and live by their hypothesis.

You may have thought that being financially independent was for “other” people,

and so, you live your life seeing “other” people enjoy success and the choices that having money affords them.

Every one of us experiences life based on BELIEFs not FACTs.

This is the Queen Bee Salkis Re and everything I paint,

write, or should I say I create for healing of your heart and mind.

The passion I have for simplistic application and results driven consulting is the life blood of my mission and purpose for you.

20 minutes  with me can break the floor for you,

One on one with me will help to expose what is blocking your progress to perform  in your love relationships,

Banish your self sabotaging behaviors  and ditch the old scripts of “I can’t” or “I’m not Good Enough” for good!

The time for you to change is now.

That is why you are here.

You don’t need anymore handle holding,

you need me to give you that hammer to smash the wall over your heart so you can start living the life you want from this day forth!!!!

My approach is relaxed, confidential and completely logical to understand and implement.

I have studied methods to remedy relationship problems specific to transitioning out of them, meaning,

I can help you get over him,

or show you how to get his attention again to stoke the fires of passion.

It’s your choice!!

Come get your hammer and let’s get the breakthrough! 🙂

~Salkis Re

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